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Meet Hosico-The Most Famous Cat On Instagram Right Now!

Cats are our masters. We know that they are your “owners” , instead of you owning them. They only Eat, sleep and repeat. Despite, these lazy furry balls are conquering the Internet too. And why? The answer would be: for being too cute and fluffy. And sometimes they know to be not so friendly and capricious. But, we still adore them. Here we have another one. We present you Hosico- Instagram’s most famous cat right now. With over 546K followers this cat has lot to be talked about. This cat loves to eat, sleep play and to be petted. Mostly like any cat. Read  what makes this kitty special!

Hosico is a fat cat with amazing greenish blue eyes. It's outstanding eyes look gorgeous. Even he has his own shop where you can buy Hasico-themed items.
This little fellow belongs to the Scottish straight cat breed. Known to be moderately active, they are so friendly. These would rather play with their human, than alone. This makes them the perfect pets to have.


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Written by Kristina

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