Media Hypocrisy Exposed

Monday, 9.20.21

Megyn Kelly exposes media hypocrisy to control the public as slaves. 

#1 Covid Hypocrisy at the Emmy’s, with Leonydus Johnson | The Megyn Kelly Show

Monday, September 20, 2021

This video is about media hypocrisy during the recent Emmys, which I think was last night but I forgot to watch it because I returned home late. I usually like watching these awards, just to see what the celebrity idiots do and say on the red carpet because it is usually something stupid or just exposing something. 

Celebrity's stupidity is actually quite entertaining. 

#2 The ‘Cult’ of the Cloth: Crazy Mask Policies and the Downfall of LuLaRoe

Megyn Kelly and Leonydus Johnson talk about the masks mandates and vaccines are all about controlling people as robotic submissive slaves. It is all for the New World Order under One World Government.

Leonydus Johnson works for the healthcare industry.

I have bought one LulaRoe leggings. The are colorful leggings with bold and bright colors. But I wear leggings a lot for leisure activities. One was enough for me. The material feels nice and soft. I ignored their recruitment crap. It never got my attention. I just bought one pair of leggings and moved on.

In the video, the picture of the tower of Pisa on one of the leggings, placed upside down near the woman’s crotch does look like a drawing of a penis sticking downward from the woman’s crotch. It looks funny.

Wow, toddler abuse to force kids to wear a mask in preschool. That is mentally ill…or MK Ultra mind control indoctrination for the New World Order agenda…


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