May to June Transition…

Tuesday, 6.1.21

I had planned to go to the gym this morning, but I was wide awake last night, and I was a little tired in the morning. I decided to sleep in, instead. I have an evening walking meetup at 6:30 pm, anyway.  It is already the first week of June, and summer is around the corner. I have been enjoying the springtime weather–sunny and warm but with a cool breeze blowing–which is refreshing. Colorful nature and wildlife reproducing offspring are quite lovely and sweet, painting a beautiful scene of a colorful new beginning, filled with hope, love, family, friendships, and living life to the fullest. 

I feel like a cat. In a way, I am kind of a cat because I was born under the Leo sign. Maybe that is why I relate well with Gumby.  In my middle age, I need my beauty sleep, and or naps, more often, so I can enjoy my life more and do more stuff. Moreover, I think this tiredness and lack of sleep are due to the mercury retrograde, which I hope will leave soon. 

I added some snapshots of my Solar Lighted Hummingbirds Mobile, which light up in the dark in changing rainbow colors. It gets sunlight from the side window in the little foyer during daytime.

….some summer fashions…


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