Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield struck me as a very stubborn character in the story mode of Marvel vs. Capcom, but he is equipped with a lot of firepower along with his military hand-to-hand combat skills.

I had no clue who he was until I looked him up on Google, only to find out that he is a character in the Resident Evil video game. As for Resident Evil, it has nearly been two decades since I have played that game, which I was in high school at the time. That game seriously used to send chills down my spine.

As for with Chris Redfield, Iam currently 3-0, with one of those victories being barely over Haggar, who nearly beat me until I froze him, hahaha. Thanks to Chris being equipped with a few weapons I was able to freeze Haggar, and attack him while he was frozen.


My next battle with Chris is against Nemesis, who is a Resident Evil character as well. I’m hoping to keep the streak going, but Nemesis does look pretty tough, as he was in the Resident Evil: Apocalypse movie, too.


Oh boy! Take a look at the size difference; his weapon is nearly big as me.

What do you think?

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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