Marilyn Monroe Part 2

Saturday, 1.11.20, 1:01 am

Celebrity Psychic channels Marilyn Monroe. This video is her second video about Marilyn Monroe, probably because many fans want to know more about her. 

She chats with Marilyn’s daughter because Marilyn was reincarnated to live her life. She also talks to one of her husbands, Joe DiMaggio. He tried to help her and guide her, like a father figure. Marilyn wanted to marry Joe, but the industry broke them up. She had bad panic attacks. She had psychic powers. She was ambushed and murdered, and she had told Joe that it would happen. She knew she will die young.

I never cared for Marilyn Monroe. I have just heard about her in the media and seen her face on a lot of places. I guess they were trying to make her an icon, after her death, but I was never interested in her anyway. But these videos are interesting to listen to.

I think the information makes sense because many celebrities have panic attacks, as well as many know that they are going to die or even die young. It is all in their contract they sign. Many other celebrities have similar issues in the industry. 


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