Man Of Steel sequel is still up in limbo

The news concerned a sequel for the movie “Man Of Steel” is still in limbo as far I know of. The first movie that stars Henry Cavill as Superman was different from the late Chris Reeve version since “Man Of Steel” dealt with the hero’s conflict of being an alien in his adopted planet which turned off the older Superman fans who remember the cartoon series “The New Adventures Of Superman” which was voiced by the late Bud Collyer or the syndicated television series that starred the late George Reeves (no relation to Chris) where our hero stood for “Truth Justice And The American Way.” or “Freedom For All Mankind.”

Even though Henry Cavill as Superman appears on the posters for the upcoming “Justice League” movie that will open in North America this week, it remains to be seen what role Superman will have since his character “died” at the end of the motion picture “Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.”

The likely scenario is that if “Justice League” is a blockbuster hit movie which is very likely since super hero movies are popular these days. a sequel to the “Man Of Steel” could happen but as the old saying goes “Take a number” since there are going to be super hero movies of the other members of the Justice League roster before the studios decide to make another Superman movie if at all.

The catch would be if a sequel of “Man Of Steel” would be made, Superman fans are hoping that Matt Reeves who directed two of the last “The Planet Of The Apes” movies would get the nod to direct a “Man Of Steel” sequel or even Patty Jenkins who directed “Wonder Woman”.

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