Maine State Police Detective saves the life of one man in a house fire


Maine State Police Detective Scott Quintero was traveling on State Route 3 in China Maine on Thursday evening when he saw a home that was on fire.

Quintero then got out of his auto to see if everyone who is the home was safe and sound when he saw Rita Lessard outside the home where the fire started but her husband Richard Lessard was still inside their home since due to his advanced age of 82 it appears he was not able to escape outside the home when the fire started..

Rita was sound asleep when the smoke alarm system inside her home alerted her that the house was in flames. Rita used her quick thinking to call 911 to report the fire was in their home before she fled outside to safety.

Detective Quintero then went inside the burning home to rescue Richard who was still inside the burning home. Richard had suffered the effects of smoke inhalation which is the cause of death in the majority of house fires since when a person passes out, then the fire consumes them.

The firefighters arrived shortly after Detective Quintero had taken Richard Lessard out of the burning home that caught fire. Lessard was then taken to a local hospital where is recovering from the effects of the smoke inhalation.

When the fire was put out by the firefighters on Thursday evening. The investigation concluded that a wood stove that was inside the garage of the Lessards that is attached to their home was the culprit that started the house fire which was destroyed.

It was a good deal that Detective Quintero offered his services to assist one person who was inside a burning home on Thursday evening since who knows what would have happened if Richard Lessard would not have been able to get out of a burning house without the assistance of a complete stranger or an authority figure like Detective Quintero who did his duty to serve and protect the people in his community.


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