Lucid Dreaming/Astral Traveling Explained

Thursday, 2.26.20

I watched this video to learn more about lucid dreaming and astral traveling because I want to understand what happened to me in that dream. I did have similar feelings to this guy’s flying experience, but my experience was positive, and no one shot me. I felt I was protected, maybe by my angels, as I flew forward and over into the other world, which is the afterlift to talk to my late father. I flew over vintage 50s scenes, with other young and slim people, dressed in all white, who just stared up at me, wondering who I was, like I was superman flying over them or something. I didn’t recognize them. So, I kept flying around, until I recognize a young man, which turned out to be my late father at a young age. I stopped and chatted with him, but I was still hovering in the air, and I did’t see my feet or hands, hidden in a vignette. I didn’t land anywhere. 

I have only experienced this once, which was probably back in 2004 because my father died in January 2003. 


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