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Love Never Dies

I know, I know the more some people hear this some sigh, some groan, and some like me terrible romantics just love it. Well, I do believe love never dies so after I wrote about the great music and movies about the Phantom of the Opera I discovered there was part two which I am definitely looking into.

The most thrilling news for me is that this musical also by Andrew Lloyd Weber is set in my hometown of New York City and I can just picture that Phantom against the backdrop of Manhattan skyscrapers. How thrilling with that dramatic mask and cape. This musical is partially based on a different book “The Phantom of Manhattan” by Frederick Forsyth.

In this musical, we meet up again with Christine, her husband, and son. We also meet the Phantom once again and what happens is magical, tragic, and everything in-between so it is best for me to let you know about this, introduce you to one of the songs and then if you are interested you can find out what happens in this story.


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