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We all are trying to find new ways & things to make our way in life a little better onlinerather it be something we’re dealing with or trying to make money or new friends, thereare all kinds of things that is on the internet for any & everything that involves us right?

I always hear or see where someone somewhere is looking to make friends or money or just to be on something to take up some extra time in their day to do something & I have to say there’s a lot of things that can be good or risky on the internet these days.

I have a place that I have been on that I can’t pull away from & it is the best place I have found that gives you everything you want to do on the internet to take up your time for a day & I have to say by the time you spend a day on this you will become like most of us.

Addicted like a bad habit, :>} I love this site cause it gives me a place to enjoy my day & I can talk about any & everything but mainly a place I feel at home with the people that are on there that I have gotten to know since I’ve been there that’s now going on 2 yrs.

No I’m not trying to refer anything to you I’m just saying if your looking for another site to hang out at & interact with & meet new people & get a new experience this is the one I have been on a lot of other sites since I’ve been on the internet & I enjoy this one most.

We have all had some bad times on sites that have folded & have taken our time & $ too well this site I’m talking about has been around for more than a few yrs & there’s a lot of people that are very friendly & have nothing bad to say about the site & welcome you in. So  if your ever looking to be somewhere that you feel at home at this would be the place cause there’s a lot of things to talk about & people to meet & get to know & best of ALL to make friends with & I can say that it’s a whole new experience that you will be enjoying.

I have a video on here that will give you a little bit of details on how it works & what it’sabout & just something to think about if your ever looking to find something else to doto write & make new friends with & just kill the extra time when you want more in life.

Thank you for your time & comments hope you are having a great Valentines day.

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I'm a person that speaks her mind up front & down to earth on what matters in life. I work online & do home crafts too
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  1. You know, MyLot is the best site online right now for making friends, writing and earning some extra side money. Hands down. I have to agree. But now that we are here on Virily, lets give this a try and see how loyal it will be to its members. Not all sites like this that pop up screw people. But I know what you mean. I have been burned more than not by many sites. That’s why MyLot is my internet home.

  2. I am on this site and I can tell you that I do get paid when I reach the threshold. But they discourage putting your own links and advertising there. So it is for asking advice and having a conversation on-line. You can follow me there Rachael5760

  3. Well, friend that was certainly a good share. We might find some more candidates. I will tell you that as much as I love writing and blogging right now my plate is quite full and it certainly takes some balancing between all the sites but of course I love doing it.

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