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I know someone else mentioned this TV program before, but, I wanted to write my own review after tuning it to it. I remembered I saw it before and there are parts of it I remember and others I do not.

The main person in the show is Brian, played by Jake McDorman. He is accused on murdering someone that he did not so he has two choices. One is to become a consultant while on this pill he is given to help them solve cases or go to jail. He becomes a consultant. We find out that this Senator played by Bradley Cooper is behind this pill and sends his muscle to tell Brian that he has to do things against the FBI and work for him or he does not get his shot to be immune to this pill he is taking. The pill makes him smart and when it wears off he feel he is just Brian and not special. He thought that an agent named Rebecca Harris, played by Jennifer Carpenter, was the one that brought him in. He wants to solve why the one that gave him the pill in the first place died and not by his hands. I find myself wanting to turn the TV on to another episode and really getting into it each time I watch what will happen. Under the influence of the pill he is very smart. He is the only one immune to it so does not suffer side effects if he continues to do what the muscle for the Senator says to do. When he refused something he tried to get in touch with the Senator for his shot but he was ignored. He tried to find ways for a cure so he did not have to work for the Senator anymore but did not find any so far. The Senator finally appeared and told him he likes Brian because he thinks outside of the box and when he refused to do something he liked that in him and wanted him to be his partner. He then gets the shot. Brian reconnected with a female he once dated and he had to end things because of the muscle threatening to harm his loved ones. I am really in to this and look forward to each new episode that they have. I do not want to say anymore because I want you to take a look at it yourself and decide if you think it is something you want to watch or not. You can tell that Brian is the main one in the show. I like all of the actors and it is very well done. So check it out and see for yourselves. You have nothing to lose by checking it out. If it is not for you then you can go on to something else.


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