Knives Out, 2019, movie review

Wednesday, 12.4.19

At 7pm, I decided to go watch the 2019 movie, Knives Out, with a meetup group. It is a murder mystery comedy, starring Christopher Plummer, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Don Johnson, Ana de Armas, and other actors. The detective, Daniel Craig, with a weird accent, along with two others, go to the mansion to interview family members and investigate the mysterious death.

The Writer/Director is Rian Johnson. The characters are crazy and quirky, especially when they find out everything was left to the young caretaker. The movie kind of reminded me of Clue, but others in the group stated that the movie was similar Budapest Hotel, which I never saw.

Clues are all scattered, and sometimes it is hard to follow, probably to throw of the viewer.


What do you think?


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