Kavanugh responded to Prof Ford and reject her allege statement

Washington – President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavaugh, has strongly denied the allegation of Professor ford, that I have never attacked anybody, neither at high school nor at college, I have never done this.

Kavanugh told Senators that he did not attend any such party, He accused the Democrats that they are assaulted and attacking by thought of them to get political benefits. He said that he would not be afraid and neither he will back from SC nomination. Kavanaugh said that the verification process for the Supreme Court has taken place in a circus and disgraceful on a national level.

While mentioning his life in the summer of 1982 during the testimony in the Judicial Committee, the nominated judge often had to face and many times he had to stop their statement. He told in his emotional voice that his daughter said that she wants to pray for the accused Ford. He also mentioned those women in his statement who have long been supporting his friends and who support them.


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