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Justice League movie leads the box office pack for Thursday

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The long awaited movie that picks up where “Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” left with Superman in a grave getting out after he was rubbed down by the villain Doomsday in an epic battle which started the ball rolling with Batman and Wonder Woman vowing to form a Justice League to battle evil in the world made $13 million dollars on the sneak preview in theaters in North America on Thursday.

The projections of the Justice League movie which has on their roster The Flash, Superman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Batman and Aquaman is to make around $95 million dollars on the opening weekend.

Warner Brothers Studios as well as D C Entertainment Universe were counting on the movie to make $110 million dollars in theaters in North America  which is a reasonable goal since there are many fans are upset that Zack Snyder who directed “Man Of Steel” and “”Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” is not the most liked director for a super hero movie since his movies are darker than the original super hero movies of the late Chris Reeve era when he played Superman.

Snyder had to leave the “Justice League” movie project due to a death in his family earlier this year so “Avengers” director Josh Wheldon who wrote the script and directed the movie took over the project.

All I can say about “Justice League” is that is the updated version of the super heroes of my younger days when they were referred to as the “Justice League Of America” in the D C comic books and the cartoon series during the 1960s.

The way the fans of the movie look at it is you can say it was better than “Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” or it was the same old super hero movie with a darker tone the super hero era where the Justice League members were more like the Sister Sledge hit song “We Are Family.”

I look at this way. The Justice League movie will attract the younger audiences of the super heroes while us Baby Boomers will have a field day mocking it in fan fictions sites. Anyone want to see The Lexicon Bandits in action?


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