I Just Want To Thank @Jadelynx For Downvoting My And Some Other Members’ Posts

Hi all!

I know this sounds awful but I just want to thank @Jadelynx for Downvoting my Some Virily Problems And How Would You Change the Look of the Virily Main Page? POLL post and some other members’ posts since I think she is the first person here to do that…… I am here for a year and that never happened till now. I suppose it is a “thank you” for me upvoting her post(s)…!

When I open someone’s post I upvote it no matter I like it or not. Maybe I won’t comment it if I don’t have anything or nice to say but I will always upvote…

Have you ever experienced someone downvoting your post……?

What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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  1. Whew! Oddly, I have never got one. I would fully expect it, considering Virily is image oriented and I use a 3 meg. 1980’s flip phone, not to mention how many times Virily has disapproved my posts. I still swim, oblivious and undeterred…>-=^;>, writing strange rhymes from a fish bowl so stirred…SpLaSh!

  2. I usually upvote peoples posts. for the effort they put in. I don’t get to visit all of them. However, if a person does find fault, instead of insulting the person, they should recomend something they could do to improve next time and commend something they did right.
    Putting in posts is a risk but a learning curve and hope to learn or help others on the way.
    Just a thought.

  3. I’m new on Virily, but to downvote should require explanation. Maybe than it could be viewed more as positive constructive criticism. Everything here is still new to me, so this was a Very Informative post as to the inner-workings of this site. Thanks:)

    • I understand what you mean….. Well, it is not that informative, it just speaks about one person and has a certain “background story”, either way, it wouldn’t be that bad if someone downvoted a post….. It is not pleasant but like you said the opinion can be explained in the comments or not….. Every one has the right to do that……. I also noticed later that this person reacted with “cute” to that post of mine so I don’t quite understand, hahahahahha 🙂 Maybe she wasn’t that mean at all…..! 🙂

  4. I am really sorry for this post, now I feel I shouldn’t have posted it, and also, I wouldn’t mind anyone downvoting, it is not that big deal really, but first I heard this person did that to one friend of mine here, and then, after that, I had the same experience….. I would never mind it if we already haven’t had a kind of bad experience with her before…..

  5. Oh my posts are down voted all the time. I pay no attention and I certainly wouldn’t call any one for that. All it is a quick click. Ignore and move on. I don’t believe anyone pays attention to that and it doesn’t affect the persons earnings either way. My advice, not that you asked, is to write it, comment if you feel kind and move on.

    • I and one other member had a kind of bad experience with her before so this was just a reaction to that… Downvoting is not that big deal, just, in this case, it has somehow of a different meaning, since it is a certain manner….. I won’t post like this anymore… And thank you for your kind comment!!!

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