Jim Morrison Talented Poet

Some of the very best songwriters who have sung solo or with bands have created number one songs because they have first been poets. Jim Morrison from The Doors was first a poet and when you listen to some of the songs this band sung you can tell that the lyrics were created by a poet. After bringing The Doors into the limelight with such hits like “Light My Fire”, “Hello I Love You”, “Touch Me” and “Riders on the Storm” Morrison chose to leave the band and moved to Paris, France to become a poet once more. Fate was not kind to him and he passed on at the young age of 27. What he left behind you could say is a legacy.

Among my favorite The Doors songs is “Touch Me” because the particular verse that is repeated here and speaks to my poetic heart is:

I’m going to love youTill the heavens stop the rainI’m going to love youTill the stars fall from the sky for you and I

Those are the most heartfelt words and most lovely verse and right away I can tell that a poet wrote them. The reason I have penned this today is that I found an interesting article about songwriters who were first poets and chose to write about them.


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