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Jackie Evancho – Can You Feel the Love Tonight

How many of you have heard of Jackie Evancho? This gal has a set of pipes that lends new meaning to singing. 

I first heard of her when I watched a duet with her and Peter Hollens. Her beautiful soprano voice impressed me. I did a little checking. She was born in 2000, so she is now 19. She has been on both America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, starting when she was just 10 and has been singing since before she was 8. Most of her early songs were from operas and though she sang them quite well, especially for her age, I’m not fond of opera.

Jackie was born and lives in Pittsburgh. 

Incidentally, she sang at President Trump’s inauguration and even there, she had a tremendous stage presence that wowed the crowds, as well as the incoming and outgoing presidents.

In this video, she sings Can You Feel the Love Tonight from Lion King. Before you say, “Yeah, nice voice” and leave it at that, when she sang this, she was only 12-years-old. How many 12-year-olds do you know who can sing like this?

I plan on sharing the duet with her and Peter Hollens, but I wanted to let you hear what a fabulous voice she had even when she was 12. My question is, would you like to hear more of her songs and singing?


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Written by Rex Trulove

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    • I agree entirely. When I was 12, I moved away from Crater Lake National Park. I was still trying to adjust to the change and just beginning to realize what I had at the park, which I’d taken for granted for years.

        • The strange thing is the realization that it isn’t really the world that has changed all that much but rather our own perception of the world.

          At about the time I started singing in the quartet, a guy I became friends with had just moved to Oregon from Los Angeles. He hated Oregon and constantly complained. It wasn’t exciting enough, it was boring, it smelled like moldy hay (that last was his idea of the smell of freshly mowed grass, which I happen to like.)

          After living in Oregon for about 6 months, he went back to LA for a visit, though he made it clear that his intention was to never return. Less than two weeks later, he was back. He told me, “The people down there have changed. They’re crazy! The air also stinks.”

          I smiled and said, “My friend, it isn’t the people in LA who have changed. You have.”

          It was true.

          • I know, growing up in the big city and then moving to a small town the world seemed different to me. Moving back to a big city I did in fact realize I was what had changed.


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