Jackass presents !



Star – Johnny Knoxville

My Rating ***

Genre – Comedy

Run Time – 1 Hr 32 Min

Certificate – 18

Country – USA

Oscar – 1 nomination

Awards – 2 Wins & 9 Nominations

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SO Jackass and the fun MTV prankster show and Bad Grandpa was the movie that extracted that character for a full feature film. The film had the look of something that would simply be very bad and crass or rather fun and silly and thankfully the later. It’s no Borat but I genuinely enjoyed it all the same and well worth a look if you like that silly prankster thing, the general public involved in the film as unsuspecting as Knoxville’s naughty grandpa character causes havoc in Middle America.


Johnny Knoxville       …         Irving Zisman

Jackson Nicoll            …         Billy Gregorio            …

Georgina Cates           …         Kimmi

Kamber Hejlik            …         Doctor

Jill Killington …         Pageant Reporter (as Jill Kill)

Madison Davis           …         Juggalo Girl

George Faughnan       …         Juggalo Guy

Grasie Mercedes-Garcia        …         Hostess (as Grasie Mercedes)

Marilynn Allain          …         Receptionist

Jack Polick     …         Funeral Worker

Spike Jonze     …         Gloria

Catherine Keener        …         Ellie


Chubby 8-year-old Billy (Jackson Nicoll) is sitting in the waiting room of a lawyer’s office. His mother Kimmie (Georgina Cates) tells him they are going to see his grandfather. That particular grandfather, Irving Zisman (Knoxville), is sitting in the waiting room of a hospital, reading dirty mags. His wife has just died and after a brief moment of silence he seems as happy as pie she is no more. To celebrate his new found freedom grandpa leaves the hospital to get himself a “happy-ending” massage at the nearest strip club, causing mayhem in his Y-fronts.

At the funeral Kimmie tells grandpa she is going back to jail for violating her parole and Irving must make sure Billy stays with his dad. Irving reluctantly agrees. As we have a body in an open casket a comedy opportunity is not passed up as it goes flying as a fight ensues.

Chuck turns out to be a loser who refuses to take Billy in as he has no money. But his girlfriend remind him that he can use the kid to get child support and so tells grandpa to drop the kid off in Raleigh, North Carolina by the next Sunday.


Grandpa being very bad grandpa now decides to put the body of his wife in the trunk and take her on the road trip with Billy to dump her in the Mississippi, apparently her dying wish. Chaos reigns as they head off in grandpa’s station wagon as the two become closer with the more trouble they cause, including a run in with some bikers, hitting on young women and knocking over giant penguins.   


After a crass and funny early scene with a vending machine, a prosthetic penis and a randy grandpa all coming to grief, you pretty much know what you are in for. With hidden cameras you hope the general public are unaware it’s the Jackass crew as the silly and cringe worthy stunts kick in – and that make you laugh when you shouldn’t – but you always feel Americans have seen so many of these shows they must get wise one day. But they didn’t and so the team got enough footage to make a movie. They obviously tell people after the event they were part of the movie and most agree to be in it. It’s a movie after all. Americans are not the brightest. It’s not offensive though or dangerous like Jackass and fine for older family fun.

For is $15 million budget it did tenfold at $151m so they would be happy with that. Like I said it’s one of those movies you are not sure about but once you get into it you will giggle and snigger away. There are only a couple of big laughs though , the best being the kids beauty pageant scene, cut straight from the mind of Sasha Baron Cohen. The Borat and Bruno stuff is way better and much smarter in it satire but that stuff stopped so this is all that’s left.

===RATINGS=== – 6.5/10.0 (85,356votes) – 60% critic’s approval – 54% critic’s approval




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