Insights 9.7.22

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Exercise cures brain chemistry from anxiety issues and negative energy. Go for walking in nature, hike, cycle, and/or work out in the gym. Do detail things with hands, such as painting, drawing, etc, helps you focus and relaxing your mind.

Eliza Fletcher was an Illuminati sacrifice, similar to Elisa Lam, gang-stalked and guided to Hotel Cecil and toward s the rooftop, where she was raped, murdered, and dumped into the water tank, naked, along with her belongings. When she disappeared, they created a Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Testing Kit for all the homeless people on Skid Row as well as inside the hotel. There was a Tuberculosis Outbreak in that area.

Bed Bath & Beyond are closing stores. I like this store. I always shop there when I need something. The CEO fell off the building. He was likely suicided because he didn’t want to do something.

Child abuse from male cock to her mouth lead a woman to fake smile big to keep her job up? Sexually abuse has to do with Scorpios, Pisces, and Cancer. She was born in Illuminati family. When making Illuminati deals, demons from astral level remotely-control robotic slave to do certain stuff.

The managers wanted to sodomy ritual Justin Bieber to go on tour. He didn’t want to it; instead, he talked about the pedophiles, and his career went downhill. He married Haley Baldwin, who is his handler. He took the vaccine, and it changed his look.

Tiny Dancer = Brad Pitt has a tiny dancer. Tiny penis is about being elite.

Brandon Fraser = an executive had raped him when he was younger. Brandon’s new movie, Whale, is about his character’s gay lover because they continue to push the gay and trannie agenda.

Shirley Temple Black was sexually assaulted when she was 12 by movie executive. He showed his penis to her.

Kevin Federline = Virgo Moon, Libra-Rising, Sun in Aries; Britney was just his friend, not someone he really loved. He is now roly-poly.

Shadow side

Actors are consumed by their roles. They take on the energy of the character, which is a demonic entity. Actors have open portals, where demons enter.

Gary Busey had a brain energy. Entity-controlled? Virgo-Rising, sun in Cancer, and Libra Moon.

Malibu has negative and evil energy.

Baby showers?

Amish are into beastiality.


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