Insights 9.30.22

Friday, 9.30.22

It is the last day of September. Today was also my late parents’ wedding anniversary.

I went to the gym this morning, doing my usual workout of steam room, sauna, stationary bicycle, and treadmill. I cycled for one hour, riding 7.43 miles and burning 120 calories. I briskly walked on the treadmill the Italy treadmill trail for 31:11 minutes; I walked this 2.07-mile trail, burning 350 calories. 

I returned home at 12:30 pm, and enjoyed two smoothies.

At 6 pm, I went on the Woodbridge walking meetup. 4 people showed up. I took along some bread buns I got from Thursday’s evening neighborhood BBQ because people didn’t want it, and I didn’t want to throw away. I decided to give it to the wildlife at the lake. I tore off crumbled pieces and threw it out to the geese and ducks. They enjoyed it. 

The weather was cooling off in the evening. But it felt nice. I ended up walking 3.5 miles and 11,265 steps.

I returned home at 8:30 pm.

#1 Psychic Convo last day of Sept

Friday, September 30, 2022

Serial Killer documentary on Netflix? This evening, at the walking meetup, people were talking about the Dahlmer miniseries on Netflix. I wonder if it is the same one. I don’t have Netflix anyway; the media glorifies serial killers to make them celebrities, such as Charles Manson, for the sick stuff they did, which is likely because most of them were under MK-Ultra experiments for government and CIA.

Caitlyn Murray went missing in Canada on 9.30.13. She was 21 years old. Canadian Elisa Lam came to California, and was murdered in Hotel Cecil in 1.31.13. 

Anne Heche’s son just came out saying that the signature on her will doesn’t belong to his late mother. When she was killed off, she was working on a child trafficking video as well as a sex trafficking movie.

When join a dark cult, you are their commodity puppet bitch. As you age and start talking about stuff, they will use your vises when killing you off, and cover their murder with your vices as the reason for the death.

Gavin Newsome signs a bill statewide vaccine registry to divide people—who got their shots and who didn’t, and track people on a database based on their ethnicity. This sounds mentally ill. I hope he doesn’t become president of USA because America will be fucked under him.

#2 Caitlyn Murray Missing Quesnel BC

Friday, September 30, 2022

Energy reading on missing Canadian girl, Caitlyn Murray. She went missing on September 30, 2013, in Quesnel, BC. They haven’t found her body, but they are stating that it was suicide because she had likely jumped off the bridge, even though they cannot find a body in that area. She might have been targeted, picked up, and branded for sex trafficking.

Fraser Bridge Inn and RV Park?


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