Insights 9.22.21 Part 2

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

She also mentions that this Gabby Petito situation was a setup and distraction to out something in the industry, which has to do with young people. I am guessing pedophilia and child trafficking. On her yellow t-shirt, there was illuminati symbolism, such as “zion” and “mk-ultra swirls,” which has to do with mind control. 

She states that this is a false flag, where Gabby is really hiding somewhere, and this whole movie is filled with crisis actors and psyops. Wow, if this is true, they just entertained the internet with this bullshit crap. I thought it was real, which is a sad story, and I felt sorry for both of the young adult influencer idiots. 

I thought they looked like annoying influencers. I thought they really liked each other but growing apart. According to this psychic tarot card reading, it is all bullshit politics and a false flag, used as a form of distraction for other stuff in society and the New World Order agenda…


What do you think?

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