Insights 9.12.22

Monday, 9.12.22

The weather temperature is lower now in the 80s, which is nice. I went to the gym this morning, doing my usual workout–stationary bicycle, treadmill, and steam room and sauna. By noon, I drove home, and drank lots for liquids. At around 3 pm, I decided to rake my backyard and place pine needles and greenery shedding from trees nearby. I placed them in bags, and put them aside. On Thursday, I need to call WM to make sure the truck comes by on Friday morning to pick up the green garbage. I was so tired afterwards. I drank more liquids to hydrate. I made a bowl of popcorn. 

#1 Star 80🤩

Monday, September 12, 2022

London Bridge is Falling Down is codeword for Queen Elizabeth ll death. I realized that when I was a kid, during elementary school recess, when some girls were chanting the song while jumping rope, and it sounded dark and eerie for this to be a kids game song.

Charlie Sheen’s kids? Denise Richards? Black Chyna, Cardi B, all have Only Fans…which is a private site where they do sexual stuff?

A video on youtube notes that Mia Farrrow states that Ronan’s father is possible Frank Sinatra. This is from 8 years ago, and it is an ABC News video. No shit sherlock. It is so obvious. He looks exactly like Frank, but with pale skin and blonde hair.

Operation London Bridge at Buckingham Palace was suddenly chanted to Operation Unicorn at Balmoral Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Star 80 is a 1981 movie about Dorothy Stratton, who is played by Muriel Hemingway. Her husband was played with Eric Roberts. There is Illuminati connections in their situation, how they met, and pimping her out at Playboy. Her husband sacrificed her because she wanted to leave him and get a divorce. Peter groomed her younger sister via Illuminati mind control to pimp her around like her sister. Dorothy was ritually sacrificed by her husband.

Kanye West was under MK-Ultra mind control, being tortured with electric shock to silence him.

Britney Spears was cloned, and the cloned body doesn’t have a soul. The clone is a robotic puppet, remotely controlled, like a slave, similar to Pinocchio.

Amber Heard is a High Priestess in the Illuminati. Both John Depp and Amber Heard work for the illuminati to get jobs and/or paid by promoting shit to the public.

Everything in the media is a set up to promote shit to the public.

Fetus in a jar is a sacrifice.

Jaclyn Kennedy is 5ft 7 in tall, and wears a size 10 shoes. Paris Hilton wears size 12 shoes.

 Jayne Mansfield was a satanist. Tina Louise is a satanist. Sammy Davis Jr was a satanist.

Goldie Hawn has a charity to help kids at risk, Mind Up, to give them social and emotional skills. Kate Hudson has a clothing line? Funded through the charity.

Many celebrities are Luciferian. They have to transgender when they are a party of the Illuminati.

Anthony Kidman was charged with child abuse and child hunting. Fiona B. escaped. He was a psychiatrist and warlock.

Will Smith was a boy toy in Hollywood to get jobs with other men. Jada is a lesbian. It is a power deal with the Illuminati.

OJ Simpson was born in an Illuminati family, mind-controlled to do stuff on the media.

How did Tom Hanks get his TV and movie roles? He is a Rockefeller.

Albert Fish?


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