Insights 9.10.23

Sunday, September 10, 2023

It rained this morning today, which was actually soothing and relaxing rain. But the sun came out later and it was also humid. I decided go to South Coast Plaza just to browse around and window-shop. There was a children event, with kids dancing on stage, and charities for kids. I walked about two miles. I decided to make a makeup makeover for fall 2023 because this month is OC Fashion Week, as well as I noticed wine colored makeup for fall. I like wearing wine and burgundy colors for fall and winter.

 Anne Heche was murdered to silence her because she wanted to expose child trafficking.

Society and their pronouns is another annoying issue these days.

Belly flat is cortisol. It has to do with childhood, and you didn’t understand what is going on; it has to do with walking on eggshells all your life. maybe trauma related for some people? It could also be hormonal bloating and menopause.

Shakes and one meal diet. Fasting. Lemon collagen and lemon peels and ice cube. Blend.

Diabetics need to control what they eat, exercise, and drink lots of water. Managing their weight and eat healthy to control their sugar intake and other unhealthy food.

Never donate to Oprah. She is a greedy, child trafficker who wants to buy all Maui. Only donate in person to the person in need, not to some corrupt organization.

Narcissists will take money from others.

Ashton Kutcher isn’t nice to his handicapped brother. He treats him like shit.


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