Insights 9.1.22

Thursday, September 1, 2022

91 degrees in LA and in the high 80s in Irvine, CA. I checked the weather on the internet for my area, and it will be in 90s during the first week of September. I knew that September will be the hot and humid month, this year, since August was nice and breezy.

I went to the gym this morning—cycled on stationary bicycle for one hour and walked on the treadmills for 22 minutes. I sat in the sauna for a couple of minutes, before driving home at around 12:15pm. I cycled on the stationary bicycle for an hour, burning 105 calories and riding 6.50 miles. Then, I went on the treadmill and walked the Ofu Beach American Samoa trail, burning 255 calories in 22 minutes, and brisk-walking 1.53 miles. Then, I walked in the sauna for a couple of minutes, before I drove home. humidity has started.

I returned home and made some mashed cauliflower, which is similar to mashed potato. I accidentally added too much water, and it turned into a tasty raw soup. I also ate some steam broccoli and steamed carrot as well as drink a mug of hot cacao.

At 5:30 pm, I went to the book meetup and read some in the novel, Wicked, which I am also reading once a week. I need to read more to finish the book because it is interesting to read. The weather felt humid at six and seven, but by nine it started to slowly cool down.

North Fox Island child abuse and child trafficking in Lake Michigan; it involves male prostitution ring at a Boys Scout Camp. It happened during the 70s. Many pedophiles were fucking young boys. This reminds me of the movie, Sleepers. Boys scouts and priests were involved. Police department in 70s say for every female prostitute, there are 9 boys. Epstein Island, Yale University, and owners of football teams. Pedophile, trafficking, and young boys’ urine collection is for ritual abuse. Connection to landing strip and planes. Boys scouts, priests, shelters, and abused children for trafficking, since the 70s.

Keeping hair clippings and nail clippings are a form of witchcraft. Donating hair and blood is for witchcraft purposes, also. Howard Hughes collected his own urine. Organ donation, as well.

Julia Fox? Diane Jenkins?
Kim Kardashian’s many plastic surgeries. Khloe is OJ Simpson’s daughter with Kris? Kourtney is the one that doesn’t change her look, and appears to look the most natural.

Arianna Grande stated demons are after her.

Ryan O’Neal had sex with his daughter, Tatum, as well as threesome involving Melanie Griffith. Ryan fucked up all his kids, his wife, and Farrah.

Mackenzie Phillips had a love affair with her father as an adult. Mick Jagger and David Bowie fucked Mackenzie, which is why Mackenzie was a drug addict for self-medication purposes.

Steven Tyler tried to set his girlfriend on fire?

Celebrities raise their kids in a Luciferian Illuminati dark cult family, which is twisted, filled with witchcraft and satanism, similar to Rosemary’s Baby. Nicole Kidman, Tatum O’Neal, Mackenzie Phillips, etc. Don Johnson is bisexual.

Princess Diana was murdered, and it was set up as a ritual sacrifice.

More missing Panama hikers..a corrupt cartel in Panama is doing these murders.


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