Friday, July 7, 2023,

They check for guns in LA hospitals? Kenna gives birth to a baby girl. Meadow Bella. Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon. They want to give vaccines to newly born babies?

Dark entities or energies hide behind humans so that they can return to the earth and create havoc through others?

I heard angels when I was six, warning me about a child molester preying on kids. He was close by, looking at me, but I just thought he looked like some white trash man in a junkie car. I just ran inside the apartment building as fast as I could. I later described him to a policeman, who stated they caught someone with that description with another kid. This was in Maryland, which is filled with pedophiles and child molesters.

Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears are presidential prostitutes. They had to do all kinds of nasty shit to be where they are at in the careers, even though they suck. It is all about how badly they wanted career, fame, money, and prestige.

Sounds of Freedom movie has truthful content about pedophilia and child trafficking for their organs. Then, the children are killed.  Angel Studios funded the movie, which started on July 4th, a ritualistic date. It will likely remain in theaters until July 13th, depending on demand for the movie. Everyone go watch the movie because this shit needs to be exposed worldwide!

Charlie Sheen’s daughter did Only Fans. Charlie Sheen and Heather Locklear are associated with each other. His twin boys are traumatized because Charlie sexually abused them. Tiger’s Blood is adrenochrome. Charlie often mentions the words Tiger’s Blood for his promo purposes because he is involved in that stuff. It is about stealing young people’s energy, like in the movie, Dr. Sleep. It is quite vampiric and the elites’ form of fountain of youth. Fetus in a jar. Heather Locklear is now a mess because of the deal she made when she was got into the media industry.

Death Becomes Her is about paying a lot of money for adrenochrome in order to become eternally youthful. It is a form of fountain of youth for the wealthy.

Luciferians are perverse, flipping everything around.

Dark cult celebrities don’t keep mirrors inside their homes because they will see dark entities or ghosts in these mirrors. Mirrors are also portals.


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