Insights 7.26.21

Monday, 7.26.21

It seems cloudy this evening. It might rain again, which we need it because California is drought most of them time, although this summer felt nice and breezy so far. 

I decided to watch two videos for insights and meditation. The first one states some summer 2021 predictions. It is good to know, but know knows if it is true or not…

#1 Summer 2021 Predictions

Monday, July 26, 2021

This video was posted two days ago, on July 24th, and she talks about some future predictions for America.

People need to get supplies and things ready because things are coming down. It is all about the Spiritual War. Extra water, and easy food that don’t require cooking, lots of canned food, nuts, food bars, and protein drink.

But good things will come out of it, more truth will be revealed, and positive changes afterwards.

Other countries might get involved. There might be a fight, and everything will be shut down for a week. Another lockdown?

It will be to the advantage of people. Military will be in charge. The next two weeks, around August 13th, for 7 or 8 days, maybe up to 10 days.

John McAfee’s information will come out about government corruption, and more information about many people will be revealed.

Trump might return. Scary because I don’t support either side.

Communities coming together.


What do you think?

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