insights 7.14.22

Thursday, July 14, 2022

People who chew ice are likely to have iron deficiency. Ice is also not good on teeth.

Ivana Trump was found dead today, at the bottom of the stairs of her NYC Townhouse. She was 73. She had cardiac arrest. She had hair appointment, and she was also preparing to go on a trip. Her mother is still alive at 96. Ivana has three kids—Donald Jr, Ivanka, and Eric, with her ex-husband Donald Trump.

The negative energy going around is designed to thwart people’s joy in order to keep people from reaching their full potential. They want people to be low, depressed, lazy, stupid, and hopeless, giving up easily at everything they do in life. As people become dumb and dumber, they will believe the fear-instilled promotions in the media so that they will easily be transformed into robotic slaves.

Navaho Skinwalkers—shapeshifting demons in the Grand Canyon.

Cancer the Crab is the 4th astrological sign. Fixed, water, and emotional, but they are also abandoned, orphaned, and rejected people. Very focused on their own way of thinking and action. They tend to be stubborn. They tend to be alcoholics. They are moody. They need to learn to be a part of the family so they can do nesting. They need to find likeminded people to make them their new family. They have a photographic memory. They tend to love via parental ways. They are very psychic. They walk sideways like a crab. They cannot let go of a past relationship until they are in a new relationship due to their abandonment issues. It is hard for them to let go of the past, which makes it hard for them to move on forward in life. Cancer is always looking for a family they can trust and love, and won’t leave them. Their body bloats with water retention. They intuitively feel things about their surroundings.

Haitian Voodoo—blowing powdery substance into one’s face.

CGI manipulated scenes.

Mel Gibson—capricorn sun, cancer rising, and libra moon.

Record toxic messages from partner or spouse.

Hollywood has Virgo energy, while the state of California has Leo energy.

USA has Scorpio energy.


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