Insights 7.14.21

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

 Sylvia Browne? Doreen Virtue? Psychics working on TV reality shows for entertainment purposes?                  

John Ritter => Jack Tripper or Jack The Ripper?


Demonic-possessed people have black eyes.

Santa is anagram for Satan.  And Santa just happens to wear a red uniform once a year on Nimrod’s birthday. I also remember that most babies were scared of Santa. They always cried a lot, and some ended up pissing on his lap. Moreover, in the movie, Rosemary’s Baby, the character Rosemary solved an anagram, based on clues in her life, to discover what is going on around her about witches and satanism.

Harmonic egg? The Harmonic Egg—wooden chamber that creates the perfect environment for deep relaxation and inner balance promotion. The Egg uses sacred geometry, light, color, and sound frequencies music to empower the body’s own healing energy. It costs $125 per session. It is all about holistic healing.

Surreal and symbolic dreams?

Bella means war in Latin. It is an Austrian name.

I am not sure I get any ideas on walking and hiking meetups. I just mostly socialize and chat with others while brisk walking because it is a part of my outdoor workout.

Analyze my name…Fifi Leigh…Fifi means Jehovah Increases. Leigh means healer in Celtic. It also means delicate as well as meadow or pasture. It also means fern wood, a fair and white warrior; heather meadow; a version of Farley from Fern Leah. Leigh is also a form of Finlay. But Jehovah is Hebrew for God’s name, and the J and V are silent, which is pronounced Yahweh.

I had decided to do freewriting as I meditated on this video to see what insights I come up with, and today’s insights appear to be about anagrams, holistic healing methods, and dreams.


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