Insights 6.9.21

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Sleeveless turtlenecks? I used to wear them a lot during my 20s, mostly with a cardigan for the twin-sweater set look.

Solar Eclipse with New Moon on June 10th.  Mercury Retrograde…there will be very clear vision, and you will be able to see in a very clear way. Ghosts are more present during the eclipse? Veil is very thin right now? You will see authentic people as well as others without a soul.

Rami Malik is a Luciferian and gay.

Brian May defends Kevin Spacey? Brian May also believes NASA is authentic and there was a man on the moon. He must be delusional…

Brian Adams’ music is haunting, about lost kids in the street…maybe he is aware these runaways are being snatched and sold into child trafficking and pedophilia…

Shania Twain—Illuminati puppet…

She has 3 clients that lived with Prince?

Brooke Shields looks old, is other 80s models, like Cindy Crawford, Paulina Poriskova, etc. Many people think Brooke Shields and Cindy Crawford look like Caitlyn Jenner—which is trannie Bruce Jenner.

Drugs and alcohol keep people in a low vibration so that dark entities are able to enter into your head and create havoc within you. It is therefore important to eat healthy and clean in order to invite positivity and purity into your body and life.

Charlie Sheen and Jack Nicholson enjoyed beating the shit of prostitutes and then paying for the plastic surgery.

Bohemian Groves—red shoe club—they get together to create chaos in society. They don’t want happy families because they want to breakdown families in order to encourage homosexuality, trannies, transhumanism, etc, for the New World Order depopulation agenda. That is why there is so much divorces, and many people cannot seem to work out their marriage.

People who are vampires hide behind others. They have no personality and they cannot do anything, but they use others to get what they want. Notice people who are authentic and soulless people. Yeah, they sound like they are shapeshifting.

Corey Veldman—20-year-old who ran over a Muslim family, killing 5 and wounding 1, is caught for vehicle manslaughter in Canada. He states that he is a racist.


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