Insights 6.4.21

Friday, June 4, 2021

First video was blurry…Mercury retrograde continues…

Hombre brows by Jenny Rose doesn’t use micro-blading. Not permanent—last for one year and a half. Her hombre brows have some red in it.

2nd video is continuation.

Brad Pitt has a little penis?

Yeah, I remember the Gabor sisters—Magda, Zsa Zsa, and Eva.  They look alike.

Retrograde will be end around the 20th.

I agree that the lighting in the change room sucks. It makes people look disgusting. I look better at home. I once complained to the salesgirl the lighting in the change room makes me look sick that I don’t feel like buy the clothes I tried on.

Venus Retrograde on December 19th. Also, Mercury Retrograde around first two weeks of January.

Police, doctors, etc are part of the masonic temple. Luciferian mindset causes chaos. Yeah, many cops are corrupt. Police are trained by Zionist Israel to do what they are doing in order to terrorize the public.

Steven Speilberg is a pedophile. I saw a video which stated he was involved in Heather O’Rourke’s murder.

Richard Nixon had a big penis, which he used with children.

Jeffrey Epstein had an egg-shaped penis.

Elites want to have small penis because they are pedophiles and prefer to do it with kids.


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