Insights 6.14.21

Monday, June 14, 2021

Butt Plug Rituals? I googled it, and it looks weird. It is something about stimulating the nerves in the anus area. 

Ray Liotta was adopted.

Anthony Bordain, Chris Cornell, and Chester Bennington didn’t commit suicide. They were all suicided. It is obvious that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t commit suicide.

During the summer, they will put a lockdown on gasoline. In December, they will create another illness to fuck with people’s mind.

Herd Immunity?

New World Order New Normal?

Anthony Kidman was charged with child hunting, before he died. Nicole Kidman made a satanic deal with Tom Cruise because Tom Cruise is gay.

Sarah Ruth Ashcroft was sold to Tom Hanks as a sex slave when she was 13 by her father.

Many male actors are Gay For Pay.

Who has tiger’s blood? Adrenochrome. Some celebrities go to Germany for blood exchange or blood cleaning.

Martin Sheen is gay and married. So, I guess that makes him Bi.

Charlize Theron had to shoot her father to protect her mother.

Sylvester Stallone sold his dog because he needed money.

Celebrity restaurant has cannibalism photos. Many restaurants in LA that services cannibalism. The Cannibal Club by Raven Chan, who is Priscilla Chan’s sister. Priscilla is married to Mark Zuckerberg, whose real name is Jacob Michael Greenberg and he is Edward Snowden’s cousin. It is in Culver City, California.

Brigitte Neilson had her kid at 56 or 57.

Natasha Richardson was a sacrificial murder because she was an activist who planned to expose stuff. She was married to Liam Neeson.

Farrah Fawcett was shutdown with the cancer.

Steve Bing was murdered.

John Phillips was part of the blood cult. He gave his daughter Mackenzie Phillips to Mick Jagger when she was 15.


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