Insights 4.16.21

Friday, April 16, 2021

In Canada, if they don’t take the vaccines, they cannot do anything.

The veil is thin, and there are many portals and doors on the other side. Family from the other side might visit in dreams. The veil is thin because of the Spiritual War.

Walk-ins? Spirit can walk into a human body.

Cats are smart, healers. It is easy to connect with animals because they are straightforward and put what they want to say, straight into your head.

Incense puts you in altered state.

Armie Hammer comes out and tells everyone that he is a cannibal. The logo for the Arm and Hammer box is socialism/communism symbol.

Chet Hanks is domestically violent? He looks like an idiot in a video.

Demonic celebrities?

Banishment spells?


Youtube strikes again with video glitches.

Chaos magick => people have the free will to do what they want; to invoke what you want.

Censorship continues.

Mariah Carey’s sister talked about the abuse they endured by MK-Ultra mind control and satanic cult. Alison Carey is Mariah’s sister.


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