Insights 2.5.21

Friday, February 5, 2021

Yeah, mentally ill running America.

Bill Gates wrote a book about how to lie using statistics. Then, he uses statistics to lie about health.

Kathy Griffin, that ugly Polish Zionist Jew comedian, promotes crap, and she doesn’t even make any sense.

What will happen in March 2021? Which pile resonates with you, 1, 2 or 3?

Pile 1: You want more knowledge and education. You will educate yourself on learning new creative skills. Focus on learning and gaining knowledge. Research. You want to learn new things to open up creative abilities. Sharpening up your mind to move to different direction. A need to creatively express yourself this month, which helps you unlock a karmic block of three lifetimes. Take action and focus what you need to do for yourself. You will do that next month. You need to unlock it so you don’t stay stuck in karmic cycle that you have been avoiding for three life cycles. You are distracted by idea that you need to compete for someone’s attention. Don’t get involved, and focus on your creative work. Say No! Say No to Eggplant!

Pile 2: Secrets between work and money. Hiding things about your money and work money. There is a secret you are keeping from a female in your family. Setting boundaries because you are being talked out of what is yours. You are working on money. Issue about control over money. A younger person is talking you out of your money. Decide when to speak and when not to speak. Next year, by December, you will make some positive changes to control your money better. Be strong and set boundaries. Younger person is trying to manipulate you to get what they want. You are looking for stability and love. Decide who you want, the person you like or the person who is stable.

Pile 3: You need to complete goals and traveling. Traveling will open up their next work. You will explore job opportunities via traveling. Personal and travel needs. Make to-do lists to help organize yourself. Focus to take yourself out of the rut. You aren’t sleeping well either. Focus and relax to sleep better. You are losing energy. Dark Night of the Soul? You aren’t able to move forward in life. It will pass. Rearrange the way you do things. Rearrange the way you do your life. Change everything in your schedule and change the order. You are looking for spiritual and romantic connection. Your expectations are different. You have a pervert neighbor spying on you. Change things up and do something different.

New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th. Venus in Aquarius.

Pluto transits will fuck up your life. USA will have a Pluto return in 2022; so, Americans will be all fucked up by 2022. Everyone’s life will be changed. Spiritual War going on, on the other side.

Meditative Mind video to balance your solar flexes.

Tom Cruise is gay, and so are many of them, especially if they suck because that is how they make their money and grow in their career.

Iphone12 can cause a heart attack.


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