Insights 11.22.20

Sunday, 11.22.20

Restaurants aren’t allowed to open on Thanksgiving. Last night, many people went outside after 10pm in Los Angeles.

Toronto, Canada is in total lockdown. But Florida is completely open. Irvine, California is under different restrictions, constantly changing because of Gavin Newsom’s changing rules for the residents of California. Gyms now will stay open until 10pm.

The Government is Zionist-occupied to control the people as slaves.

Whoever is president will start WW3—which will be a Spiritual War—the people vs elites.

Los Angeles now looks Tijuana, Mexico. Everything is boarded up. It looks like a warzone.

After December 14th to 17th, life will be better. Life will never be back to normal. This is the New Normal until they move toward their New World Order agenda.

The Great Reset is the New World Order.

They want to shut down until before December 25th because of the Spiritual War.

Sex Magick, sigil magick, WW3, 3 days of darkness, astral level, and shadow people.

Tulip the cat is in her studio today, napping on the chair.

Year 2021 should improve but not sure.

LA County just shut down all restaurants.

Hillary Clinton is a lesbian. And, her marriage was set up for business, which I think is similar to many celebrity marriages. That is probably why Bill always cheats on her with Monica Lewinsky, and others, including Epstein’s Island.

Detach from others who trigger you.

Jeffrey Epstein has down body jumping when he was killed.


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