Insights 11.12.23

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Golden Juice? Adrenochrome to live forever? Adrenochrome has many names: Golden Juice and Tiger Blood. 

Matthew Perry said a Faustian Bargain, which is a prayer to sell his soul, although in his audiobook he asked God to make him famous and God can do anything with him afterwards. When he made it on Friends, he realized it didn’t solve anything. I listened to his audiobook on Youtube. I am not sure which God he was talking about. He made a deal with Satan for fame and fortune. I realize that he was raised in a Luciferian family. He was likely sold out because his mother used to work for Pierre Trudeau. He was likely molested when he was young.

Stepfathers who sexually abuse young boys will lead these boys into homosexuality.

I decided to watch an animated film on the indie channel.  This 2016 French animated film, La Tortue Rouge, is a fantasy/romance drama film, directed by Dutch animator, Michael Dudok de Wit. He also cowrote it with French screenwriter, Pascale Ferran.

On Youtube, I noticed a twenty-minute video of The Red Turtle animated film but with narration of the story. It is mostly the same but a little different. It felt meditative without the narration in the animated movie version. This short video seems like a kids’ story. 


What do you think?


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