Insights 10.11.21

Monday, October 11, 2021

Narcissists attach their will on people with higher vibrations in order to pull them back so they cannot ascend.  They appear very needy, and need others to make them feel better about themselves.

Hugh Hefner preferred men, but used the young women’s energy. He was bisexual, often sleeping with men. He slept with his pet chicken when he was a kid. I wonder if it was literal? His first sexual experience was with an animal. That is Luciferian’s beastiality.

Monarch Mind Control?

Married men go to strip clubs to get the stripper’s energy.

Stripper’s dancing is about the stripper’s abuse during childhood.

It is important to be in higher vibration to order to ascend to a higher level in life. Spending more time in nature, with the animals and praying to God, can help ascension. The Zionist media is lowering people’s vibration by instilling fear in order to keep people in a low vibration, which will allow the Zionists Elites to better control these mindless slaves for the New World Order agenda. It is important to be in the higher ascension and live your own life, rather than living the life of submissive slaves in a communist/socialist One World Order agenda.

It is true that most abused kids end up in some kind of sex job, whether prostitution, pornography, strippers, and even Hollywood celebrities.

R Kelly is going to talk? He was a Pimp, recruiting children for the Elites to sexually abuse. He plans to turn in many people?

This energy information reminds me of the movie, Dr. Sleep. A certain group of vampire-like people prey on kids for their energy in order to maintain a youthful appearance. They go after the main character, who is a young black girl with power because of her powerful energy, as well as it is known black kids give elites more power for their adrenochrome.


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