Insights 1.21.21

  • It is important nowadays to start talking in code or Pig Latin.
  •  She had two boys because she wore socks while having sex? I wonder if that is true…
  • Neither side matters because everything is rigged and planned. Don’t follow a red or blue team in society. They want to divide people in groups in order to provoke them to fight and kill each other.
  • Don’t do too much of social media, especially Facebook and Twitter.
  • Don’t watch the mainstream network news.
  • When you wake up, do 20 minutes of moving around somewhere.
  • Do 10 minutes of meditation in the morning, maybe while doing your morning prayer. Meditate in nature. Do yoga at the park. Ride your bicycle.
  • Remain happy and positive, grateful for what you currently have. God gives you want you need at the present moment. Thank Him for what you currently have and enjoy everything you own.
  • Don’t announce what you are doing, as you build your strength from behind the scenes, and this strength comes from connecting with God. Stand up for yourself and your freedom.
  • Always live in the present moment.
  • The New Age community is twisted to promote the New World Order and One World agenda. And, they don’t like using pronouns. It is very Luciferian to create people with one gender. Just go check out a picture of the Baphomet. It has breasts and penis, as well as hoofs and horns. It is a half man/half goat, which is a form of Beastiality.



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