Insight 8.11.22, Full Moon in Aquarius with Uranus

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Full Moon in Aquarius tonight. This evening, I went to book meetup in Woodbridge and continued reading Gregory Maguire’s Wicked, once a week. I returned home at 9 pm.

Tommy Lee posted a frontal nude selfie? He most likely did it for distraction to promote a need for censorship. Apparently, he has a huge penis that he is proud about.

The guy that ordered the raid on Donald Trump’s house is the same guy that is associated with Epstein situation.

Devil’s Punchbowl hike? San Gabriel Mountains, in Los Angeles County, California, has an elevation of 4,750 feet.

Hiking in the forest and encountering rattlesnake on a full-moon day? Rattlesnakes, bears, lions, Oh my!

Psychic attack to go after people by using animals. Snake bit someone’s leg, and the leg had to be amputated. The satanists are coming out by using animals to attack people in society.

Olivia Newton-John? Died on 8.8.22 at 73 after battling cancer for 30 years. Olivia has a daughter, Chloe, with first husband, Matt Lattanzi. But she was married with second husband until her recent death. Olivia’s Let’s Get Physical song.

Gel-X nails?

Selenite and Amethyst do not need to be cleansed. Cool, because I have a small amethyst rock that I found at the mall parking lot once.

Himalayan salt and water—soak crystal on full moon night—to cleanse.

Anne Heche? She is currently in a coma, in a near death situation because of smoke inhalation. Her lungs likely collapse. She was doing cocaine before she crashed her car into someone’s house. The cocaine was laced with fentanyl drug? It looks like someone tried to kill her?

This full moon is about push and pull between freedom and stagnation in society. Change and shift into a different situation for advancement in the future. Aquarius’ ruling planet is Uranus. Stagnation, control, and release cycle in society. Decide what you allow people to control and what you want released?

Tommy Lee’s Twitter? He is bisexual…he shaved his penis? He posted his shaved penis on his Twitter page.


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