Incredible fan of Taiwan playing ‘Pokemon’ Go Game on 11 phones

Pokemon Game  is not less than a drug addiction and many people have been injured, playing it, But a 69-year-old retired person in Taiwan is very mad that he play Pokemon game on 11 smartphones at a time.

China San Yun is also called Pokemon Uncle in Taiwan and even all kids knows this interesting person, and he often appear on their bicycle at the same time on 11 smartphones to find puppies and fonts at different places.

Be clear this game is GPS based and Pokemon are hidden in your own area which is required to find out. while this interesting man get up early at 4am and go out for Pokemon on the road.

Uncle Pokemon saw his grandson in 2016 while playing this game and than he also became the fan of this game. Now he is  spending $ 1300 per month  on this game hobby, Rather, the number of phones will increase to 11 sooner than 15. Uncle Pokemon keeps wandering around the streets  all day and also takes a bag with smartphone batteries.

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