Illuminati Symbolism at Oscar 2019

This video displays Illuminati symbolism at the Oscars 2019. The “400 Years” seems to be symbolism that ties blacks to Zionist Israel. The movie Blackkklansman premiered on May 14th, which is the same day that Zionist Israel was created. Spike Lee was wearing a triangle pyramid on his clothes and hat, in which I also noticed while watching the Oscars. But I didn’t see the Ankh pendant necklace. I just noticed some necklace with weird symbolism. I personally thought Spike Lee looked like a pimp in his electric purple suit with matching purple hat and purple eyeglass frames.  He just needed a purple feather accessory added to his hat to complete his pimp outfit. He is literally head to toe in purple. I am not sure what purple stands for…but it is probably some kind of Illuminati symbolism.

Karl Lagerfeld could have been their Illuminati sacrifice.


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