Hurts Live @ Exit Festival, Serbia (2014), Exile Tour

Unexpectedly this happened to be one of the best gigs from all the ones I’ve ever got the chance to see at a festival and trust me loves I’ve seen way to many artist perform at both their solo concerts and festival gigs. When it comes to this one, I was left speechless and that’s a very hard thing to do! Trust me, I can talk for hours with no pause needed. Not even for taking a breath.

Just listen to that music and that beautiful voice and wait for that man to crash that mic stand, falls on stage and sings from the bottom of his heart and soul.

Plus, I’m pretty sure this is the only performer who had more alcohol in his blood at that festival than I did. And, he nailed it! Then again, I could be wrong. After all I was pissed. My emotions might had been emphasized by Jack, Johnny and Arthur. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ops. Sorry mom!

Anyhow, Hurts are suppose to release their fourth record “Desire” in couple of days, on the 29th of September to be more exact, so hopefully that passionate performance will turn some of you into the fans of their music, as it did to me!

Tell me what you think. You know I love to hear from all of you!

All the love,

Hermione Weasley X


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