How much time do you take to learn something new?

We all keep learning new things in our lives, don’t we? And never stop learning. In fact, we all keep learning for our entire lives, right?

If I were to ask you, how much time do you take to learn something new, what would your answer be? I’m not guessing, so not giving any options. But I’d say this depends on what you are learning and the time taken will depend on that, isn’t it?

The thing is that there are a few things that we just love to do and we find time doing that anyhow. And if this is your hobby, then you just pick up things quick and fast. So, you don’t need to fret over those things. They happen just like that.

But if you are forced to learn new things that you aren’t inclined to then everything will be troublesome. You won’t be interested in doing that, which might make things harder for you to understand. And in my opinion, “learn”, “new” are subjective terms.

Something that’s easy for you, may not be the same to me. Again, “easy” and “difficult” subjective terms, which can be defined differently for different people.

What’s your opinion on things you learn in your life? Have you ever tried learning that thing, which you like but find difficult to grasp? Certainly, this happens with all of us. Please do share your views below. Let a new discussion begin.


What do you think?


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