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Holiday Inn

I don’t know about anyone else but I just love musicals around the holidays which begin with Christmas. This is a wonderful musical from 1942, starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. The music was by Irving Berlin. This movie introduced to everyone that wonderful Christmas song “White Christmas”.

Even though the movie begins with Christmas it isn’t only about Christmas. There are two entertainers Jim Hardy played by Bing Crosby and Ted Hanover by Fred Astaire. They’re both in love with another entertainer they work with Lila Dixon by Virginia Dale. All of them entertain in New York City nightclubs. Well at the very beginning we see Lila stay with Ted and they continue to entertain. Jim retires to a farm in Connecticut but discovers that farm life is not the life for him. So he decides to turn the farmhouse into a place that offers dinner shows for people on all of the calendar holidays.

Jim finds a lovely young woman named Linda Mason portrayed by Marjorie Reynolds to entertain with him. When the inn opens it is New Year’s Eve. Back in New York City Ted has received a letter from Lila telling him she has run off with a Texas millionaire. So Ted gets roaring drunk and winds up at Jim’s Holiday Inn. There he has a drunken dance with Linda and stays overnight. The next morning he remembers dancing with someone but cannot remember what she looked like. He is determined to make that woman his new dancing partner and once again Jim is afraid he will lose to Ted just like he did with Lila.

The rest of the movie is very entertaining with some comedy thrown in when Ted keeps returning for the holiday shows to try to find the woman he danced with on New Year’s Eve. Meanwhile, Jim is determined to keep Linda away from Ted. So the next holiday is Lincoln’s Birthday and Jim finds different ways to keep Linda from being recognized by Ted. Of course, as with any romance, something must happen to make things more complicated and Ted finally discovers Linda on St. Valentine’s Day while Jim is singing a song he wrote for Linda behind him Ted is dancing with her. This is another lovely song from the movie “Be careful It’s My Heart”. Anyway, we get a good dose of music, dancing, and singing. I won’t tell you how it all ends but I will tell you that it began with Christmas and it also ends with Christmas.


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