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Hidden Birds (Part One)

Can you see birds hiding in the bushes? Or in this case, hidden in the following sentences?

For those who might be new to this game, hidden in these sentences are names of birds. The sentences are not clues to be solved but you have to look at the words carefully to discover the names of our feathered friends hidden within them.

Discover the names and post them in comments but do not look at the answers submitted by other people before trying on your own.

As a challenge try to post one puzzle sentence with a hidden bird for the next person to solve.

Good luck!

  1. He felt bloated as he had overeaten at dinnertime.
  2. She spent half her time in US and half in China.
  3. Chris wandered here and there aimlessly.
  4. Barvielโ€™s Wall, owned by Lord Asherton is a lovely castle to visit.
  5. I told Rob I needed some money.
  6. The polished floor gave a gleaming look.
  7. I think I will rest now.
  8. Write an essay on how Renaissance changed Europe.


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    • Let me see if I can make it easier for you. Look at first sentence……had overeaten at……do you see how the words….had overeaten….hide the word dove which is a bird.

      Similarly in second sentence, ….half in China….has word finch hidden in it.

      Do these examples help?

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