Hawaii Five-0 – Ua Hopu

“Ua Hopu” is episode twenty-wo of season two of Hawaii Five-0. At the end of “Ha’alele” McGarrett was seen arriving in Tokyo, where he was looking for Shelburne. This episode opens with him in Osaka, where he is leading a team to capture Wo Fat. Before he arrives, McGarrett tells the team that Wo Fat is very dangerous and will do anything to avoid being captured. When Wo Fat surrenders quite easily and, indeed, seemed to have been expecting them, this seems more than a little suspicious. In the bathroom of the suite Wo Fat is found in, there is a bath full of bloody ice and blood splashed all over the place. Someone has been killed, and McGarrett suspects it is Shelburne.

Back in Hawaii, Kono is seen with Adam Noshimuri, the son of the Yakuza boss. They’ve been keeping the relationship quiet (a cop and a crime boss dating is complicated, but Adam is apparently trying to go legitimate), but it seems likely that it’s going to be relevant later on. Steve is flying Wo Fat back to Hawaii quietly, and has the others look up a phone number that Wo Fat was calling multiple times before he was captured. This leads them to a dead woman; supposedly she works for the State Department but it seems apparent she was actually CIA. Everyone suspects that Wo Fat had eliminated her, and the CIA are being rather uncooperative, but there’s enough to suggest that he wasn’t responsible.

McGarrett’s flight back to Hawaii goes wrong, and the plane winds up crashing into the jungle, as it seems at least one of the pilots was working for someone else. Only Wo Fat and McGarrett survive the events and crash. McGarrett believes that the crash was engineered by Wo Fat, and that his men are coming to find him, but that’s not the case.

Adam’s relationship with Kono comes into focus, and those after Wo Fat have his murder on their mind, not his rescue.

This episode’s name means “Caught”.


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