Hawaii Five-0 – Ua Hala

“Ua Hala” is episode twenty-three of season two of Hawaii Five-0 and the season finale and the episode opens with someone taking photos of Kono, Chin and Danny and Joe watching McGarrett. Chief of Detectives Fryer is lured to a fake crime scence by a call purporting to be from the HPD, where he finds a fake body. He is shot in the back, manages to get a shot off when his attacker approaches, but is shot twice more, killing him.

Joe had returned because, with the capture of Wo Fat in the previous episode, “Ua Hopu”, he has decided to introduce McGarret to Shelburne. Before that happens, McGarrett gets a call about Fryer’s shooting. Fryer’s attacker was injured, but not killed, and Max follows a trail of blood, resulting in him being shot. The attacker had remained on the scene for some reason.

The attacker then steals a police car and heads towards the HPD. Admittedly, a good place to hide a police car is in a bunch of other police cars. There’s something about the attacker that the pursuers don’t know, but Max does – and it can be guessed. She’s actually a woman. At HPD, she causes extensive damage with a gas explosion and flees the scene.

The woman’s identity is that of a criminal who was killed five years previously, in a case that Fryer worked. Obviously, she’s not quite dead, and the attack is personal. She is also working with an unknown accomplice, which the team doesn’t know, and seemed to know quite a lot about HPD headquarters. Her accomplice’s motivation is different. The episode, because of the unknown accomplice, seems to end before it does.

Bit of a cliffhanger ending leading into season three’s “La O Na Makuahine”.

This episode’s name means “Death in the Family”.


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