Hawaii Five-0 – Popilikia

“Popilikia” is episode four of season three of Hawaii Five-0 and a young couple in Chinatown go in to a fortune teller’s for what looks like a Tarot reading. The women is interested; the man isn’t. The fortune teller sraws the Death card and tells her it means actual death (I thought the Death card meant change?), and that she will soon be touched by death. She’s a bit shaken up by this. Her boyfriend, Billy, is a polo player and, when he rides out to practice, he rides the horse between two goalposts and his head falls off. Severed, as it turns out, by garrotting wire strung between the posts.

McGarett is in bed with his not-exactly-girlfriend when he gets woken up by noises downstairs. After failing to get Catherine to stay upstairs – she is, after all, also military – they head downstairs to discover McGarrett’s mother, Doris, cooking breakfast. Doris says she has come to stay. McGarrett is not happy.

Danny and Kono go to see the psychic. Danny, it seems, has at least some belief in psychics. The dead boyfriend was worried about somebody knowing something. He had also changed teams, but was still receiving money from his former team – and had received a pay rise. It seems that the former team’s horses were being doped, and Billy apparently found out. However, the other team owner has a good alibi.

It also turns out that someone else was supposed to be practicising, Jake, the son of the team’s owner. He had swapped practice with Billy, so was he the intended target? When he was young, he was kidnapped, but escaped, and one of the kidnappers was recently released from prison and has disappeared. Something looks a bit off though.

This episode’s name means “Misfortune”.


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