Hawaii Five-0 – Palekaiko

Episode eleven of season one of Hawaii Five-0, “Palekaiko”, begins when two bow hunters stumble across a partially-dressed young woman in a national park. The woman doesn’t remember how she got there, and had been honeymooning with her new husband. Her mother-in-law arrives and says that if anything happened to her son, his new wife is responsible, as she believes her to be a gold digger.

When the husband is found dead, Dr. Bergman, who finally reappears, links the murder and abduction to a number of similar cases in other countries. In each case, the husband of a newly-wed couple was killed on the scene, and the wife – all of whom look similar – was abducted and tortured to death. This wife got off lightly. Looks like there’s a serial killer on the loose.

This episode’s name means “Paradise”.


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