Hawaii Five-0 – Mohai

“Mohai” is episode five of season three of Hawaii Five-0. This is a Halloween episode and it opens with a police officer sporting a two car crash on a remote road. However, both cars are empty, although there’s blood in one which has been overturned. Then the episode goes to a woman restrained to a table before a figure hidden behind a face mask does something that sounds unpleasant to her with, by the sounds of it, something rather sharp.

When Five-0 arrive at the scene, they believe this is simply an abduction by a stalker. Then the missing woman’s body is found in a dumpster. At autopsy, the woman had already had a Y-incision and had her organs removed. She was alive whilst this happened. With her being a universal doner when it comes to blood type, the assumption is that this was done for her organs – which would be worth a lot of money. However, no effort had been made to preserve the organs.

The attacker used a knife with a symbol of a pentagram on it, suggesting that the murder was occult in nature. The dead woman had attended a Halloween party on the night that she was taken. The knife was related to black magic, and goat hair had been found in the vehicle which ran hers off the world. The woman left the party with an other person – who is also missing. The killer is carrying out a Satanic ritual, and there is a limited amount of time to find the other person alive. There’s an added twist though.

This episode’s name means “Offering”.


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