Hawaii Five-0 – Ma'ema'e

“Ma’ema’e is” episode five of season two of Hawaii Five-0, and the coach of the University of Hawaii’s women’s volleyball team is found murdered after a game. Some photos found at his house suggest that he was maybe having an affair with one of his players, but this doesn’t turn out to be true. Then a connection is found to the wife of the man who owns the place he is living in, and a love triangle is suspected, as the wife is missing. When Danny and McGarrett go to speak to the man again, he says that someone has got his wife, before he is shot dead by a sniper. This definitely isn’t a love triangle.

The wife was leaving, and cleaned her husband’s bank accounts first. Unfortunately for her, the husband was laundering money for someone, and said someone wants it back. Chin has been getting increasingly worried about Kono, and matters aren’t helped when, whilst he and Weston are waiting for the wife to arrive at a motel room, someone arrives to kill her and is driven away by Kono.

Finally, what Kono is really doing is revealed, and it’s just what was expected.

This episode’s name means “Clean”.


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